Venus Viva

Venus Viva is the first nano-fractional spectrum device with the presence of a scanner giving the shortest downtime in the industry. The technology offers a non-surgical solution to problems associated with remodeling the skin and correcting the bumps.


  • Reduces postoperative scars and acne scars
  • Removes pigment stains
  • Shrinks pores & smoothes texture
  • Corrects stretch marks
  • Clears lines & wrinkles on neck & face
  • Removes bags under the eyes
  • Tightens & smoothes facial skin
  • Clarifies dark circles under the eyes

Venus Viva is an extremely powerful technology for remodeling and resurfacing (renewal) of facial skin. The therapy is effective because it combines two innovative technologies – nanofractional RF and SmartScan. By heating the dermis with 160 pins, micro dermal prints of the skin are left on the nozzle. They stimulate the renewal of the dermis and the deletion of its shortcomings.

Venus Viva has 2 pieces of applicators that wonderfully combine their work on different areas

  • applicator Diamondpolaris mainly used for facelift, skin tightening, double chin, treatment of fine lines, and various areas of the body such as neck, neckline, elbows, etc. can be treated. Applicator is based on the patented of Venus concept (MP ) 2 technology that combines the action of multi-polar radiofrequency with electromagnetic impulses, through which the subcutaneous tissue is evenly heated. This process helps naturally to increase the formation of collagen and elastin, making the skin become smoother and significantly younger.
  • The other applicator, which has Viva- FIRM FX, is the most-developed fractional spectrum nozzle in the industry. This is the only technology on the market that can regulate the pulse we supply to the skin. Successfully treats scars, deep wrinkles, pigment spots, pores and is extremely successful in the treatment of stretch marks. Viva Firm FXhas a large area applicator on which 160 pins are located, which shortens twice the time for processing a zone. The presence of a built-in scanner allows to deliver the energy accurately, with low sensitivity for the patient, with a short recovery period.

In the procedures for remodeling the skin with this applicator, micro pins are used, through which heat is safely applied (through nano-fractional radiofrequency) through the skin surface. This process leads to the formation of microscopic sores on the epidermis, which naturally strengthen themselves by themselves. This is how the roughness of the surface of the skin is smoothed. Since the sores are very small, discomfort in this type of procedures is much smaller, and the results are astonishing-a smooth, firm and renewed skin with smoothed texture and visibly erased wrinkles.

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