For a fulfilled promise...

Established in 2005, the Dermatological Center Magic Line accepts the challenges of modern times with the ambition the natural striving for perfection to find a real dimension. Located in the heart of Sofia, attracts with refinement and elegance, satisfying the most refined tastes.

The main dignity of the center is that it collects under one roof the modern achievements in the field of dermatology and therapies for structuring the body.

His authority Magic Line Due to its founder and owner – Dr. Madeleine Kokeva, one of the most prominent specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine. Her constant specializations in the world’s leading clinics of dermatology in Boston (USA), Paris (France), Moscow (Russia), Beirut (Lebanon), Odessa (Ukraine) issue her sincere conviction that it is not a manifestation of whimsy to want to get the best.

In a demanding team of young and energetic specialists, constant development is encouraged. Through trainings at home and abroad, they justify expectations and donate increased self-esteem.

Prestige of Dermatological Center Magic Line is a natural result of the dedicated efforts and enthusiasm to impose the latest world trends, to work only with the highest quality products and equipment produced by reputable international companies, relying on high professionalism and unadulterated Personal attitude.

To remind us of the feeling of uniqueness!