Plasmage is the new concept to achieve perfection!

Non-operative blepharoplasty = Blepharoplasm The future here and now!

The apparatus is based on plasma technology. The first patented fractionated plasma production of the Italian company BRERA-a pioneer in the creation of aesthetic medicine equipment with over 30 years of experience in the field of dermatology, physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gaseous.

Plasmage-Additional information

Plasma is an ionized gas composed of ions and electrons, which is generally electroneutral. The generated plasma charge affects the biological tissues through controlled impulses. Получава се сублимация /директно преминаване на веществото от твърдо, директно в газообразно състояние/ на повърхностния слой на кожата. There is a significant biorevitalizing effect on the treated area and surrounding tissues.

Plasmage works in a wide spectrum of action in all skin types, allowing for exceptional precision in the processing of zones, as well as working with various programs and protocols:

• blepharoplasty
• Fine wrinkles around the eyes
• Barcode and aging around the mouth
• Acne scars
• Warts
• Lyentigo
• Scars, Keloids
• Stretch marks
• Wrinkles
• fibroids
• Xanthelazmi
• Nevi
• telecangiectasis
• Angioma
• Dischromia

Extremely good results are achieved in the area around the mouth and eyes – for the lifting and removal of excess skin of the eyelid – non-operative blepharoplasty or also called Blepharoplasm!

The procedure is suitable for both men and women. The advantages are that the method is secure, accurate, non-invasive, fast, with a short recovery period, no need for anesthesia, no bleeding and no bruising. The “Crow’s Feet” and “barcode” wrinkles are also smoothed.

In advance (30-40 minutes before the procedure) put an analgesic cream, the therapy lasts about 20-30 minutes. Cortisol cream is applied in the next 3 days, along with sun protection and sunglasses. No other medications are needed. The crusts (crusts) fall for about 7-15 days. The final result is visible a month after the procedure. The area is completely refreshed and lifts.

The durability of the procedure with an average of 2 years, a supportive procedure is recommended once a year to prolong and maintain the results.

Instant visible result after only one procedure, combined with comfort for the client!

Plasmage also offers a program for regeneration of a whole person, which achieves visible tightness and lifts, and in the long term-revitalization and regeneration of the skin of the face and neck. Very well affects dark circles under the eyes – The results are also visible to the most critical patients.

Frequently asked questions about Plasmage

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