Collagen Therapy

Collagen is the most important protein in the human body and an essential element of connective tissue. It is connected to the condition of the skin, eyeball, bones, hair and nails. According to the latest scientific research, the condition of collagen determines the biological age of man.

Bioscientists from Gdansk experiment with aqueous solution of collagen of the III-type, isolated from the skin of freshwater fish. They detect a live, biologically active gel-like substance, which has arisen in a natural way, which can be stored (at sterility and temperature 5-26 degrees) for more than a year. It loses its transdermal properties and biological activity 30-40 hours after it passes into a liquid state, which occurs at a temperature above 26 degrees.

Besides a perfect cosmetic remedy, collagen has healing properties. does not cause allergies, does not irritate the skin, there are no side effects. It does not contain artificial colorings and flavorings.

Most frequently asked questions about collagen therapy

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